Excerpted from “Coaching for Transformation” by M. Lasley, V. Kellogg, R. Michaels, S. Brown and the iPEC.com website.

What is Coaching?

  • Coaching is an extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.
  • Coaching emerged as a way to provide support and guidance for individuals moving through a change process towards greater effectiveness and fulfillment.
  • Coaching is a powerful process uniquely designed to create lasting change by shifting out of the typical pathology focused worldview into a resource focused worldview.
  • In practice, coaching is about asking rigorous questions so that clients discover their own creative solutions.   

Coaching offers distinct advantages over Consulting or Mentoring.  

Consultants typically use their specific knowledge and prescribe a course of action to achieve an objective. They TELL the client what needs to be done and they may even do the work that’s required.  Similarly, Mentoring is a relationship where the mentor offers experience, expertise, as well as their personal connections to help someone develop or achieve specific goals within a particular field. While consulting and mentoring are about the consultant or mentor delivering the right answers, coaching is about asking the right questions, while empowering clients to create their own customized and personal solutions and become the drivers of their own success. Through improved communication, focus, and accountability, coaching dramatically increases a client’s capacity to accomplish better results on their own. Coaching does not deliver a single solution – it increases the client’s own ability to repeatedly develop solutions of their own.

Some common topics

  • Setting aside your inner critic
  • Making a substantial personal change
  • Dealing with overwhelm and busyness
  • Balancing work and family
  • Rediscovering passion and joy in our work
  • Working through self limiting beliefs
  • Reducing stress and reactivity in our relationships
  • Starting or supporting a meditation or spiritual practice
  • Deciding if a job offer is in line with our values

  • Finding direction and support through life transitions
  • Getting motivated and being held accountable for our plans
  • Accomplishing a dream or something that is important to them
  • Overcoming chaos and creating a simpler, more organized life
  • Accessing your deepest passions & dreams and living them out
  • Creating a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Having more fun, happiness and passion for life
  • Taking steps towards living a fulfilled and authentic life

How it works


Let's talk! The first session is free and is intended to help you find out what coaching can do, determine if coaching is the right path for you and if all that sounds great, to see if we are a good match.  If all the elements are there we can talk about next steps and becoming a client.  Email me at  kathy@kathycherry.com with "Coaching/Mentoring" in the subject line.


I suggest an initial commitment of 3 months, after which we continue month-to-month based on their needs. Sessions are scheduled bi-weekly, which allows you time to integrate each session and be held accountable for whatever you might be working on in between sessions.


  • The initial session is 90 minutes long to allow us to thoroughly review the intake documents, get a working understanding of your goals and the process. We also establish any logistical aspects at this time.
  • Follow up sessions are typically 50 minutes.
  • All sessions are over the phone or via Skype.
  •  If you are located in Brooklyn we can discuss the potential of in-person meetings.


You are welcome to email me in-between sessions if you want to book-end an action, send me updates on what you are doing, or want me to review a plan.  

Cancellation Policy

I ask for a 24-hour notice of cancellation, in which case I can fully refund or credit your payment.


I offer my time on a sliding scale.  For clients desiring a longer commitment, I offer multi month packages at a discount.  This is negotiated based on your session rate.